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Optimising UniFi Performance

· 3 min read
Adrian Mace
Staff Engineer


Below are the key settings that I apply my UniFi installation for optimal performance.

I have observed these settings improving reliability and performance across a large number of customer sites and hardware, and in my latest Dec 2023 update of this blog I lean on Ubiquiti's improved default options, now more than ever.

My personal environment includes the following parameters:

  • Regulatory Domain: Australia.
  • Hardware: 4x U6-Pro Access Points.
  • Controller: Unifi Dream Machine Pro running UniFi OS 3.2.7.
  • Clients: Mostly Apple & IoT devices with HomeKit capabilities.

The hardware in my personal environment have been positioned using the UniFi Design Center to target -67dBm or greater signal to all clients when the access points are configured at a High power level.