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Optimising UniFi Performance

· 4 min read
Adrian Mace


Below are the key settings that I apply my UniFi installation for optimal performance.

While this guide makes some opinionated assumptions, I have observed these settings improving reliability and performance across a large number of customer sites and hardware.

My personal environment includes the following parameters:

  • Regulatory Domain: Australia
  • Hardware: 4x U6-Lite Access Points
  • Software: UniFi Network: 7.2.92
  • Clients: Mostly Apple & IoT devices with HomeKit capabilities.

The hardware in my personal environment have been positioned using the UniFi Design Center to target -67dBm or greater signal to all clients when the access points are configured at a High power level.



Global AP Settings

  • Ensure Channel Width is configured appropriately:
    • Ensure 2.4GHz is set to 20MHz.
    • Ensure 5GHz is set based to 80MHz.
  • Ensure Transmit Power is configured appropriately:
    • Ensure 2.4GHz is set to Medium.
    • Ensure 5GHz is set to High.
  • Ensure AP Exclusions is empty.
  • Ensure Wireless Meshing is disabled.
  • Ensure New Device Auto-Link is enabled.

Nightly Channel Optimization

  • Ensure Channel Optimization is disabled.

Save and apply the below settings for each configured WiFi network.

$YOUR_SSID_HERE > Advanced Configuration

  • Ensure Advanced Configuration is set to Manual.
  • Ensure WiFi Band is set to 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  • Ensure WiFi Type is set to Standard.
  • Ensure Band Steering is enabled.
Band Steering Explanation

This setting was previously called Connects high performance clients to 5GHz only and is a software-based implementation of the band steering technology built into many wireless chipsets.

While I personally had success with this, others who have tried these settings did not. I would recommend disabling this first if you experience drop-outs from IoT-class devices.

  • Ensure Multicast Enhancement is disabled.
  • Ensure Multicast and Broadcast Control is disabled.
  • Ensure Client Device Isolation is disabled.
  • Ensure Proxy ARP is disabled.
  • Ensure BSS Transition is enabled.
  • Ensure UAPSD is disabled.
  • Ensure Fast Roaming is disabled.
Fast Roaming Explanation

Fast Roaming has caused my Logitech Circle View security camera(s) to experience regular drop-outs from the moment it was enabled on my network. I would like to re-visit this in the future.

  • Ensure 802.11 DTIM Period is set to Auto.
  • Ensure Minimum Data Rate Control is set to Auto.

$YOUR_SSID_HERE > Security

  • Ensure Security Protocol is set to WPA2.
Security Protocol Explanation

Ideally I would select WPA2/WPA3 here or even WPA3 only, but I have seen connectivity issues with my SolarEdge Inverter when WPA3 is enabled at all. I would like to re-visit this in the future.

  • Ensure PMF is set to Disabled.
  • Ensure Group Rekey Interval is disabled.
  • Ensure Hide WiFi Name is disabled.


Global Network Settings

  • Ensure Multicast DNS is enabled.
  • Ensure IGMP Snooping is enabled.
  • Ensure Jumbo Frames is disabled.
  • Ensure Flow Control is disabled.
  • Ensure Spanning Tree is disabled.
Spanning Tree Explanation

Spanning Tree prevents networks from crashing if you create a 'loop' (i.e. plugging both ends of a cable into the same switch, or even if there are multiple switches connected together in a circle/ring). It does this by shutting down the duplicate/redundant ports. It's not necessary to disable it, but it is one less protocol 'in play' if you know you don't need it - like I know I don't.

  • Ensure 802.1X Control is disabled.
  • Ensure Switch Exclusions is empty.

Global Switch Settings



  • Ensure Device Auto Updates is set to On.
  • Ensure Daily Check is set to 6 AM.


  • Ensure Auto Backup is enabled.
  • Ensure Schedule is set to Weekly.
  • Ensure Maximum Number of Files is set to 7.
  • Ensure Data Retention Days is set to Settings only.

UniFi Devices


Save and apply the below settings for each access point configured in your network.



  • Ensure the 2.4GHz Radio is configured appropriately:

    • Ensure Channel is set to 1, 6, or 11.
    • Ensure Enable Minimum RSSI is disabled.
  • Ensure the 5GHz Radio is configured appropriately:

    • Ensure Channel is set to 36, 52, 100, or 149.
    • Ensure Enable Minimum RSSI is set to -70dBm.

Band Steering

  • Ensure Band Steering is set to disabled.